About the Contributing Authors

Java graphics bret.gif Bret Barker grew up in upstate New York and studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. A refugee of the San Francisco dot-com implosion, he currently lives in Portland, Maine, working as a freelance software developer. He specializes in Java games, mobile app development, and 3D graphics programming. He can be reached at bret@bugmenot.com. Laurence Vanhelsuwé is a self-taught, independent software engineer. He has worked on such diverse technologies as X.25 WAN routers, virtual reality flight simulation, Postscript, real-time digitized video-based traffic analysis, and interactive map-based multimedia CD-ROMs. When not being stuck behind a screen all day, Laurence likes rock climbing and windsurfing to get the blood circulation going again.