How Java Evolves

Although Sun ultimately gets to decide the direction Java takes, many features are made at the request of users like you and me. So, it's important to voice your opinion on how you want Java to evolve, and it's just as important to voice those opinions in the right channels so that Sun can hear you. The two main channels are the Java Community Process and the Bug Parade.

Java Community Process

The Java technology specifications and implementations evolve through the Java Community Process (located at Any member of the JCP can submit a Java Specification Request, or JSR, which either defines a new Java specification or updates an existing one. Although most developers aren't interested in taking the time to submit a JSR, the JCP website allows you to review and comment on existing JSRs. Also, the site is a great way to look at what's coming in the Java platform. In this chapter, we mention a few JSRs that are relevant to coding or technology and APIs that will be useful for Java games.

Bug Parade

The Bug Parade, (located at is the central location to submit bug reports and Requests for Enhancements (RFEs), and to check the status of existing bugs and RFEs. Bug reports and RFEs are for any Java technology, whether it's part of J2SE, another Java API led by Sun, or a VM. Of course, if you ever have a bug to report or want to request a feature, do a thorough search of the Bug Parade first. Someone might have already reported the bug or made the request; if so, you could vote for the bug or add it to your watch list. In this chapter, we mention a few features that will make Java games better, along with the Bug IDs that are associated with them.