Working with Artists and Sound Effect Engineers

If you're lucky enough to have another person to create game art or sound effects, that means you also have the task of working with artists. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Make sure creating media is fun for the artists and not just work. Give them flexibility to create their own style, and don't try to control every little detail.
  • Be specific about what the game needs. For example, you might need 3D models (different monsters, power-ups, and so on) and different types of sounds (jumping, firing a weapon, and so on).
  • Likewise, be as specific as possible about the technical requirements of the game media. For example, specify the dimensions of textures (do the textures have to be powers of 2?), whether or not textures have to be seamless, file formats, number of colors, polygon count limits, and so on.
  • Set up a schedule that works best for both of you. Ask about how long it will take to make some media, and work from there.
  • If some game art or sound is not working in the game or just doesn't look right, be sure to mention it. Both of you will need to decide whether to include that particular medium or to rework it.

In summary, keep the communication lines open and keep the process fun!