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As is common in many computer tutorials, we use courier type to represent computer code.

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There are many C++ notes that explain the difference between Java and C++. You can skip over them if you don't have a background in C++ or if you consider your experience with that language a bad dream of which you'd rather not be reminded.

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Notes and tips are tagged with "note" and "tip" icons that look like these.

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When there is danger ahead, we warn you with a "Caution" icon

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Java comes with a large coding library or app Programming Interface (API). When using an API call for the first time, we add a short summary description tagged with an API icon at the end of the section. These descriptions are a bit more informal, but we hope also a little more informative than those in the official on-line API documentation. We now tag each API note with the version number in which the feature was introduced, to help the readers who don't use the "bleeding edge" version of Java.

Programs whose source code is on the web are listed as examples, for instance Example 2-4:

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