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Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms
By Robert Sedgewick
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Pub Date July 15, 2003
Pages 528

Once again, Robert Sedgewick provides a current and comprehensive introduction to important algorithms. The focus this time is on graph algorithms, which are increasingly critical for a wide range of apps, such as network connectivity, circuit design, scheduling, transaction processing, and resource allocation. In this tutorial, Sedgewick offers the same successful blend of theory and practice that has made his work popular with programmers for many years. Michael Schidlowsky and Sedgewick have developed concise new Java implementations that both express the methods in a natural and direct manner and also can be used in real apps.

Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms is the second tutorial in Sedgewick's thoroughly revised and rewritten series. The first tutorial, Parts 1-4, addresses fundamental algorithms, data structures, sorting, and searching. A forthcoming third tutorial will focus on strings, geometry, and a range of advanced algorithms. Each tutorial's expanded coverage features new algorithms and implementations, enhanced descriptions and diagrams, and a wealth of new exercises for polishing skills. The natural match between Java classes and abstract data type (ADT) implementations makes the code more broadly useful and relevant for the modern object-oriented coding environment.

The Web site for this tutorial ( provides additional source code for programmers along with a variety of academic support materials for educators.

Coverage includes:

  • A complete overview of graph properties and types
  • Diagraphs and DAGs
  • Minimum spanning trees
  • Shortest paths
  • Network flows
  • Diagrams, sample Java code, and detailed algorithm descriptions

A landmark version, Algorithms in Java, Part 5 provides a complete tool set for programmers to implement, debug, and use graph algorithms across a wide range of computer apps.