Your Money or Your Life (YMYL)

In the following sections of these guidelines, you will learn about characteristics of landing pages and websites that are important considerations when evaluating PQ.

There are some pages for which PQ is particularly important. We call these pages Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages. They are pages that can have an impact on your current or future well being (physical, financial, safety, etc.). YMYL pages should come from reputable websites and the content should be created with a high level of expertise and authority.

Here are some examples of YMYL pages:

• Pages that solicit personal information, such as personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, drivers license numbers, etc., which could be used for identify theft.

• Pages used for monetary transactions, on which users might give their credit account or bank account information; for example any page that allows you to buy something.

• Pages that offer medical or health information that could impact your physical well being.

• Pages offering advice on major life decisions, such as pages on parenting, purchasing a home, a vehicle, etc.

• Pages offering advice on major life issues that could impact your future happiness and finances, such as pages giving legal or financial advice.

Before evaluating a page for page quality, you should ask yourself whether the landing page is a YMYL page?

If the answer is Yes, please have especially high standards when answering all questions for PQ rating. In particular, please be very careful evaluating the reputation of the page and whether the content has been created with the necessary authority and expertise.

Here are some examples of pages where authority and expertise would be less important from the user’s point of view:

• Pages on a gossip website.

• Pages on a humor website.

• Pages on an entertainment website.

Your standards may be somewhat lower when evaluating these types of pages.

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