Reporting Duplicate Results

When you notice that the results in two or more result blocks are duplicates, please click on the Report Dupe button of one of the results. The current result (the result you clicked on) will be highlighted by a thick solid red border and the button's name will change to Select Dupes.

You can then check results that are duplicates of the current result, and the checked results will be highlighted by a red dotted border.

The duplicate results that you checked will be annotated by "Dupe of..." text right below the sliding rating scale above the result block. After selecting all dupes, please click the red Select Dupes button to return to the normal rating mode. The button's name will change back to Report Dupe, and you will be able to report other sets of dupes (if there are any). If you change your mind, you can always un-check a result.

Not Dupes

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