Googling with Tutorialmarklets

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Create interactive tutorialmarklets to perform Google functions from the comfort of your own browser. link

You probably know what tutorialmarks are. But what are tutorialmarklets? Tutorialmarklets are like tutorialmarks but with an extra bit of JavaScript magic added. This makes them more interactive then regular tutorialmarks; they can perform small functions like opening a window, grabbing highlighted text from a web page, or submitting a query to a search engine. There are several tutorialmarklets that allow you to perform useful Google functions right from the comfort of your own browser.

If you're using Internet Explorer for Windows, you're in gravy: all these tutorialmarklets will most likely work as advertised. But if you're using a less-appreciated browser (such as Opera) or operating system (such as Mac OS X), pay attention to the tutorialmarklet requirements and instructions; there may be special magic needed to get a particular tutorialmark working, or indeed, you may not be able to use the tutorialmarklet at all.

Before you try any other site, try Google's Browser Buttons (read: tutorialmarklets). Google Search queries Google for any text you've highlighted on the current web page. Google Scout performs a related: [Section 1.5][in "The Special Syntaxes"] search on the current web page.

Google's tutorialmarklets are designed for the Internet Explorer browser.