Welcome everyone to this distinct new design.. I was bored so I just did something quick.. hope somebody finds a use for it.. I think its pretty cool.. have fun and let me know if you need help customizing it.

It's pretty straight forward.. and the .psd file is included so for all you turkeys out there that are control freaks can have fun. I used PS6.. good luck and let me know please.. I would like to see some real creative minds out there put this to good use.

Just a quick designer note: There is 1 spacer image which you'll find in the last cell.. I've commented it as 'spacer cell only', for those of you that don't know.. it allows this template to expand so you could put as much junk in here as you'd like to. But take heed.. you will need to add this in those cells just in case you see the design get all choppy cuz you're bored and have alot to say.. here's an example of what should go in there:


I have already place several in each cell.. just copy and paste until the template comes together again. Pretty simple.

Label the buttons and you should be good to go. This template boasts some css style sheet commands, rollover buttons, and a really sexy chick as part of the nav for those that haven't noticed yet. hehe...

I tried my dog-on hardest to get the image spacer to be seamless and just got bored of trying.. so go ahead you hacks.. do it yourself with the .psd provided.